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How can Rehab Help Me Get Free From Suboxone Use?

Attending a rehab has helped countless people get off their drug of choice and live a full, satisfying life. At first, a person in drug rehab will go through the experience of drug withdrawal. For many, the initial phase of drug withdrawal takes about two weeks. For individuals withdrawing from suboxone, drug withdrawal can be expected to take one full month. Detoxing from this substance is dangerous and should not be undergone alone.

Our experienced and watchful staff will be there to assist individuals in detox and help them through the detox process. Individual and group counseling sessions are helping the next phase of drug rehab. During these counseling sessions, our patients learn more about yourself and begin to understand how opioids have negatively affected your life. Plus, one of the most critical parts of both group and individual counseling is that attendees learn refusal skills and various other skills that can help them stay off drugs permanently.

Toward the conclusion of a treatment program, clients are gradually brought to the place where they are ready to go live back in society again. Sober living houses and continued counseling allow people to get their feet back under them before they go back into the world. Counseling will be set up to keep the excellent work our clients have begun in their lives by getting sober. Family counseling provides a way for families to get together and rebuild their relationships. Meditation techniques assist in keeping the client calm in times of stress so they won’t return to drugs to soothe their anxiety.

Most of the physical symptoms of withdrawal from these medications are over after one month of being free from the drug. Psychological dependence may persist after this time, however. The first 72 hours of suboxone produces the most severe physical withdrawal symptoms. After the first week of detox, withdrawal symptoms tend to include physical aches and pains throughout the body. An individual may also experience changing emotions and insomnia.

Once the second week of being drug-free from suboxone comes around, the patient experiencing withdrawal will feel depression as his or her primary symptoms. By the fourth week of detoxing from this medication, people primarily experience mental withdrawal symptoms such as suboxone cravings and depression. During the entire process of withdrawing from this medication, the chances of relapsing are significant. For that reason, being in a treatment facility with people who understand the ins and outs of suboxone withdrawal remains a way to give the individual the best chance of getting off and staying off this drug for the long term.