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Program Overview

Outpatient Levels of Care Available

Partial Hospitalization Program

5 Days | 30 Hours per week

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

5 Days | 9-15 Hours Per Week

Outpatient Program (OP)

1-3 Days | 9 hours or less per week

Once weekly, a Recreational Outing / Activity is included for all levels of care.
What We Treat
Mental wellness and addiction is not always simple to navigate. Our integrative, trauma focused treatments will identify the underlying cause of the primary and co-concurring conditions effecting you and your quality of life. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation specialists are here to help.


Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Personality, Eating & Other Behavioral Disorders

Trauma & PTSD

Domestic Violence, Developmental, Relational & Complex Trauma and PTSD

Chemical Dependency

Medication Evaluation, Drug Screening and Medication Assisted Treatments Available

Substance & Behavioral Addictions

Treating Drug, Alcohol, Food and Other Behavioral Addictions

Dual Diagnosis & Co-Occurring Conditions

We use a Bio-PsychoSocial-Spiritual Model & Seek to Discover the Underlying Causes

Recovery Starts With Detoxification
Detox isn’t an optional step. However, it doesn’t have to be a long, inconvenient process. The goal is to break the physical hold that addiction has on you. Before you can transition to outpatient treatment, you have to get sober. We are here to help identify the right detox option for you.

Drug detox lets you break the physiological addiction. You will have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms but because medical supervision is a given, you won’t have to endure unnecessary pain and suffering. After a few days or a week, you’re typically able to transition to the next phase of care.

Los Angeles Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is the next step after Detox or residential treatment. Someone is ready for one of our various Outpatient levels of care if sobriety and stabilization have been reached. It’s ideally suited for a person with a high level of motivation to get and stay clean. Additionally, it enables you to exercise more control over your life and choices. Examples of possible outpatient treatments include:


  • Availability of multiple evidenced based mental health and addiction therapy services, which makes access to professional and peer support a snap
  • One-on-one talk therapy that continues and deepens the healing process you started during detox
  • Case management sessions that help you to set goals, evaluate your progress and develop an aftercare plan of continued recovery support.
  • Medication Management and access to Medical and Psychiatric prescribers.
  • Relapse prevention strategies as well as random drug and alcohol testing for accountability
    12 Step and other recovery meetings for long-term sobriety
  • Life skills training, career and spiritual counseling, which helps you to transition to a post-addiction independent lifestyle

What’s the Timeline?

Outpatient Treatment doesn’t have a predefined timeline. You finish when you feel fully equipped to continue your recovery on your own. While a typical outpatient treatment plan might last just 30 to 90 days, the team at Divinity Recovery is here to support you with any extended care needs you might have. With your continued recovery plan in place, you’ll be in an excellent position to continue your education, advance your career and be the best version of you.
We Help with Sober Living & Aftercare Planning

Placement is available for local sober and transitional living. We work closely with programs in our community that we know and trust. Contact us for more details!

Other Programs

We also work with affiliate programs for residential detox and psychiatric stabilization. Our sister detox program is New Me Inc. Additional details to come soon!

You wouldn’t dream of handling other chronic diseases by yourself. Therefore, you recognize the importance of getting help with mental health and addiction treatment professionals to uncover the cause of any of these common mental health challenges. With the understanding that you can’t do it alone, you have taken the first step in seeking help and beginning your recovery journey to happiness, wholeness and wellness. This however, is where many are unsure about how to proceed.

At Divinity Recovery outpatient treatment center, Los Angeles you have options. We believe that the journey to recovery does not look the same for everyone. From beginning to end, you are supported by a team who co-creates a multidisciplinary and individualized treatment plan with you. We strive to make sure all of your needs are being met holistically to ensure greater success in your long term recovery. Here’s a typical path to recovery.