Woodland Hills Rehab Program

To overcome substance addiction safely and effectively and remain sober over the years, you need to consider a comprehensive Woodland Hills rehab program. Divinity Recovery promotes holistic recovery in a comfortable and welcoming environment. If you need assistance with your addiction, we advise you to consider contacting our professionals soon.

What is the best rehab treatment?

The ideal rehabilitation treatment is the one that meets your recovery needs. Most addiction victims require detox and inpatient care to stabilize and begin the recovery process. These are individuals struggling with advanced addiction and severe withdrawal, who cannot care for themselves. The inpatient program will place them in a controlled and monitored environment, where clinical experts will supervise their recovery process 24/7. It is the most reliable form of rehab treatment when looking to combat the withdrawal, prevent relapse, and ensure a safe recovery setting.

Outpatient-based programs like PHP and IOP play a critical role in the recovery process as well. Our San Fernando Valley outpatient rehab programs offer day treatment throughout the week, providing patients with mental, clinical, and emotional support and guidance. You will join specific recovery programs for up to five hours a day, working days only, with the freedom to return home after completing the treatment sessions. These programs are perfect for people who don’t need intensive care or have social, educational, or professional obligations that they can’t postpone.

Why outpatient patients stay sober for longer

While inpatient treatment is essential for stabilizing patients and ensuring safe recovery from withdrawal, intensive outpatient rehab is critical for long-term stability and recovery. There are several reasons why our outpatient programs are so effective, including:

  • Ensuring mental and emotional training – Our Woodland Hills, CA, teen outpatient treatment stabilizes patients mentally and emotionally via procedures like CBT, DBT, EMDR, emotional intelligence, trauma resiliency model, somatic experiencing, etc. These procedures address internalized traumas and co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others that may impact our patients’ ability to recover and overcome their problems.
  • Assisting with personal life – Our rehab center in Los Angeles serves patients on their path to self-improvement and personal growth. With our help, you will achieve your professional and personal goals, improving your financial status, fixing your family relationships, and working towards a more fulfilling and flourishing future.
  • Promoting a transformative journey – You will never overcome addiction and prevent long-term relapse if you don’t change as an individual. Our counselors will teach you how to grow more responsible, embrace accountability, and become more confident and optimistic overall. These changes will turn you into a better person, one with a different future, goals, and dreams.

If you want the safest, most effective, and reliable Woodland Hills rehab program, we invite you to call Divinity Recovery at 1-747-2043398 and speak to our rehab specialist. We ensure top patient-oriented services, utmost comfort and guidance, and the opportunity to turn your life around fast. Call in for a clinical assessment, and our professionals will guide you on what to do next.