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Woodland Hills Iop

Woodland Hills Iop

Addiction is measured by its effect on an individual’s life and not only how long a person has been using or how much. Although each person’s recovery journey is different, there are various stages of treatment for every level of addiction. The most severe addictions, such as acute alcohol, benzodiazepine, or opiate addiction, need specialized care and treatment in an inpatient program. However, those with moderate addictions can benefit from treatment in a PHP or Woodland Hills IOP. This is especially true if there’s also the availability of sober living homes. That makes it possible for you to stay in a positive, supportive environment conducive to your recovery.

At Divinity Recovery, our Woodland Hills CA teen outpatient treatment offers a highly structured and intensive IOP and PHP programs to stabilize an individual suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and mental health symptoms. Our main goal is to restore our clients’ well-being and enable them to achieve lifelong recovery.


If you’re trying to decide which between a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is best for you, below are the differences between both programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

PHPs were originally created for treating mental health disorders. Today, many rehab facilities provide this service as part of addiction treatment. Typically, patients move to a PHP after completing their detox and inpatient program in a rehab center in Los Angeles.

Patients are usually required to attend partial hospitalization programs every day. The main difference between an IOP and PHP is that more of your time is needed daily in a PHP than with IOP. Additionally, PHP entails more supervision, including taking medication and addressing mental health disorder symptoms compared to IOP. That said, your insurance cover limit will determine the services you access.

PHP entails multiple group and individual therapy sessions where patients are equipped with the tools needed to cope with their triggers as an alternative to using alcohol or drugs. Patients in a PHP program are allowed to go back home at the end of each day.

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOPs are recommended as a step down for PHP. Intensive outpatient programs allow you to stick to your addiction treatment program with the right amount of care and support. Your insurance cover limit plays a key role in determining the IOP services you receive, but basically, the duration for IOP is 3 hours daily for 3-7 days.

Intensive outpatient rehab provides networks for support groups while fostering team-work in the path to lasting sobriety. If you’re ready to begin making positive, lasting changes in your life and start studying or working but still require plenty of attention and focus on becoming sober, an IOP may be suitable for you.

Exceptional Addiction Treatment and Care

As a top San Fernando Valley outpatient rehab, we believe that people with a substance use disorder deserve professional, individualized treatment that works. That is why we provide highly customized, top of the line, evidence-based, compassionate care, and treatment for clients struggling with addiction. The goal of our Woodland Hills IOP is to help our guests live healthy, happy, substance-free lives. Contact Divinity Recovery for a free consultation with an addiction expert and pre-approve your insurance: 1-747-204-3398.