Tarzana Drug Outpatient Treatment

When considering getting help from rehab for your substance use disorder, there are two main treatment options to choose from: outpatient and inpatient. Of course, your addiction therapist will advise on the one that can help you recover fully and get back to your daily life, drug-free.

At Divinity Recovery, we only recommend the treatment model that we believe suits each individual guest. We offer top of the line Tarzana drug outpatient treatment services to complement inpatient programs.

The Benefits of Inpatient/Outpatient Drug Treatment, and Why You Should Not Have One Without the Other

Both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment have their benefits. However, having one without the other could derail your journey to recovery.

Therefore, depending on the severity of our guests’ addictions, how long they have been using, among other factors, we advise them to first receive inpatient care before coming to our top outpatient rehab center in Los Angeles. Below are the benefits of receiving inpatient treatment:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Medical Support

You’ll have access to medical support and monitoring throughout your stay at an inpatient facility. This is vital when recovering from severe addiction. In such a case, you’re likely to experience unpleasant and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. But with 24/7 care, you’ll be under close observation to help address any dangerous withdrawals.

  • Zero Access to Alcohol or Drugs

At an inpatient facility, you’ll have no access to your substance of use, which you may not be able to avoid at home or work. This does away with the risk of relapse during treatment.

Next are the benefits of outpatient treatment:

  • Less Disruption in Your Life

In an outpatient rehab, you’re required to attend your sessions a few hours for 2-5 days each week. This allows you to continue with your other obligations, such as work and family responsibilities while receiving the treatment you need.

  • Privacy

Many people shy away from addiction treatment because of the fear of being stigmatized. Outpatient programs allow you to get help without making it obvious that you’re receiving addiction treatment. As you attend more sessions, you’ll feel more confident about your treatment.

So, why is it necessary to have both models of treatment? First, quitting rehab after being discharged from an inpatient program reduces your chances of making a successful recovery.

It takes a while to heal your body and mind from the effects of addiction, and the duration of inpatient treatment may not be enough to equip you with all the skills you need to maintain lasting sobriety. Going for outpatient treatment afterward allows you to continue receiving the support you need for your long-term recovery.

Secondly, outpatient treatment might not adequately tackle addiction during the early stages. At this stage, the risk of relapse is high, and the lack of close monitoring can be detrimental to your recovery efforts. So, depending on your evaluation, it may be best to first attend a residential program before transitioning to outpatient treatment.

At Divinity Recovery, our premier San Fernando Valley outpatient rehab gives you an opportunity to reintegrate into the community after inpatient treatment. Our intensive outpatient rehab, for instance, gives you the maximum support from the finest specialists while giving you a level of independence that you lacked in an inpatient program.

Get the Best of Both Treatments

At Divinity Recovery, we offer Tarzana drug outpatient treatment after you’ve completed your inpatient program or if you have a mild addiction. We also have the leading Woodland Hills CA teen outpatient treatment programs in the area. Contact Divinity Recovery for a free consultation with an addiction expert and pre-approve your insurance: 1-747-204-3398.