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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

At Divinity Recovery, Inc., we offer addiction treatment for those battling addiction. The first step in the recovery process for any form of addiction is acknowledging and accepting that there is an addiction or problem in the first place. Once a client has come to that conclusion, the treatment process may begin. Treatment looks different for each client and each form of addiction. There are countless treatment options, and many will be discussed here.

Types of Treatment We Offer

The type of treatment used for each client is one that works for them. We offer quite a few options when it comes to treatment for addiction. One of the most popular forms of treatment for addiction in inpatient rehab. In inpatient rehab, clients live in a substance-free facility and receive round-the-clock medical attention and therapeutic care. Inpatient rehab is the best option for those battling chronic addiction and for those who suffer from a co-occurring mental illness or behavioral disorder. Inpatient rehab offers structured treatment programs designed to help with every aspect of a client’s addiction.

Another popular method of treatment is outpatient rehab. This is another form of comprehensive addiction treatment. This method allows for many of the same treatment and therapy options as inpatient rehab but allows the client to live at home during the recovery process. Clients can continue working and taking care of loved ones while attending scheduled treatment sessions during the week. A downside of outpatient rehab is that clients are not kept away from the world, therefore they are more likely to encounter triggers that will challenge their sobriety. For this reason, outpatient therapy is best for clients with mild forms of addiction who are greatly committed to their recovery. We, at Divinity Recovery offer many other modalities of treatment for addiction. These are just the two more common options.

Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Therapy is a very successful and integral part of addiction treatment. Therapy helps clients modify their attitudes and behaviors related to their addiction and increase healthy life and coping skills.  Therapy may occur on an individual, group, or family basis, based on the needs of the client. There are many types of therapies used to treat addiction.

About Us

Divinity Recovery has licensed staff and fully state of the art facilities for everything imaginable in the addiction treatment space. We have decades of experience between our on-staff providers and therapists. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every patient. We pride ourselves in providing confidential, caring and certified addiction treatment.

If you are struggling with an addiction, please give us a call today. Your information will stay 100% confidential as your privacy is a priority. Please contact us with any questions if you or a loved one is battling an addiction.