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Sober Living Home

Los Angeles Sober Living Home


At Divinity Recovery in Los Angeles, we offer sober living homes as a bridge between inpatient treatment and the “real world.” A sober living home is a fantastic option to help ease any concerns you may have about going from an inpatient treatment facility to daily life. Sober living homes are not as structured as inpatient treatment, but still provides more support than you may have in your life at home.


Expectations for a Sober Living Home

Sober living homes are different than inpatient treatment centers in the sense that you are no longer completely immersed in the rehab programs and are not totally dependent on others. Residents of a sober living home are not bound to the campus. You can come and go as you please. While there are still rules to a sober living home, including curfews and group meeting attendance, there is much more freedom. This allows residents to ease back into their daily life, while still having some of the structure of an inpatient treatment facility. A major benefit of sober living homes is the friendships residents make with other residents. These friendships can help residents maintain their desire to stay sober. Other benefits include attending 12-step programs and creating structure and accountability.


Why are Sober Living Homes Beneficial?

Sober living homes are beneficial because oftentimes, they increase a resident’s chance of maintaining sobriety. It is an alternative to going from an inpatient treatment facility to a completely unstructured environment that many have at home. Sober living homes help reduce the chance of relapse because they replicate normal life situations while instilling healthy habits. Sober living homes give residents the chance to find a job and housing, adjust to sober living in an unstructured environment, and potentially make amends with loved ones affected by their substance abuse.


About Our Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles

Divinity Recovery has licensed staff and fully state of the art facilities for everything imaginable for sober living homes. We have decades of experience between our on-staff providers and therapists. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every resident.

If you are transitioning out of an impatient addiction treatment center, and need some extra structure, please give us a call today. Your information will stay 100% confidential. Your privacy is a priority. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.