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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At Divinity Recovery, Inc., we offer cognitive behavioral therapy as a modality of therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that has been shown to be effective for a range of conditions including depression and anxiety, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and severe mental illness.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of evidence-based therapy that is widely accepted as one of the most effective forms of therapy for various mental conditions. It is based on several core principles, first saying that psychological problems are based on faulty or unhelpful ways of thinking and on learned patterns of unhelpful behavior. Another core principle of cognitive behavioral therapy is that people suffering from psychological problems can learn better ways to cope with them, which relieves their symptoms. With that being said, cognitive behavioral therapy tries to change one’s thinking and behavioral patterns. The client and psychologist will work together, in cognitive behavioral therapy, to understand the problem the client is facing and work towards a treatment strategy. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the client’s present life, rather than their past. Of course, the psychologist will need to gather some information about the client’s past, but that is not the main focus. As a client, you will be given homework to help you become more aware of problematic thinking and behaviors and using the coping skills that you have learned to help manage those situations.

What are the Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

There are many benefits to cognitive behavioral therapy. One of those benefits is relapse prevention. For both mental health clients and substance abuse clients, relapse is very possible. Cognitive behavioral therapy will teach you how to battle those thoughts and triggers that may potentially lead to a relapse. You will learn coping skills for tough situations and learn how to manage difficult emotions. Another benefit of cognitive behavioral therapy is that it raises self-esteem. A lot of people seeking therapy suffer from low self-esteem. This modality of therapy allows clients to focus on problems and work toward solutions, in turn, building their self-esteem. There are so many other benefits to cognitive behavioral therapy including the creation of positive thinking, the support system you will have, help in anger management, and more.

About Us

Divinity Recovery has licensed staff and fully state of the art facilities for cognitive behavioral therapy. We have decades of experience between our psychologists and on-staff providers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every client. We pride ourselves in providing caring, certified, confidential cognitive behavioral therapy.

We know taking the first step of seeking help can be scary and difficult. That’s why we have made the process as simple as possible. If you or a loved one are struggling, please give us a call today.