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Drug Rehab in Woodland Hills, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program in Woodland Hills & San Fernando Valley

Drug rehabilitation treatment programs are meant to heal the mind and body of a person and generally include a variety of counseling options. A drug rehab program consists of many different therapy modalities. From individual therapy to group therapy coupled in with a psychiatrist and a medical doctor. There are a variety of different levels of care for each individual needs. Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization PHP, Intensive Outpatient IOP and Outpatient OP. Divinity Recovery utilizes holistic and evidence-based modalities. Treatment modalities that are available in this context include cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, dialectical behavioral therapy DBT, family therapy, anger management, EMDR, as well as experiential therapies such as yoga, soundbath meditations, Muy Thai, and weekly mindfulness hikes! Divinity Recovery has the best rehab in the Los Angeles Area

Best Drug Rehab in San Fernando and Woodland Hills

Drug rehab programs are a Recovery Tool, Not a Solution. However, drug rehab programs are a steppingstone into right direction and can be a crucial part of building the foundation to your recovery. Whether you are struggling with substance misuse or Alcohol dependency drug rehab programs will help recenter your body, mind, and spirit. At Divinity Recovery we understand that asking for help is not the easiest thing to do. Making the choice or asking for help is vital to the addiction treatment and recovery process and regaining control over your life. Drug rehab programs are meant to be a pillar the beginning stages of your journey in recovery. Drug rehabilitation programs will help with detoxing your body from the chemicals and redevelop new coping skilling.

Finding the Right Drug Rehab in San Fernando and Woodland Hills

Here are Divinity Recovery to strive on making this process easier for the individual or family. Every patient entrusts their care to a drug treatment center, which plays a vital role in shaping the course of that patient’s long-term recovery. There are various types of drug rehabilitation treatment programs that are catered to each individual’s addiction. Finding the best option for yourself or a loved one isn’t always the easiest task. At Divinity Recovery we pride ourselves on building a family like atmosphere that will encompass all levels of care under one facility. Whether you need a sub-acute detox with license medical professionals for a safe and comforting detox from drugs or alcohol misuse or a Intensive outpatient program to help provide structure and sense of community. On average it takes 66 days to break old habits and regain new ones. We believe in long term treatment. However we are able to accommodate anyone’s needs. From a 7 day detox to a 90 day full continuum of care, we are here to help with your recovery journey.