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Valium Detox

Valium Detox

At Divinity Recovery, Inc., we offer Valium Detox for those battling an addiction to Valium otherwise known as Diazepam.

What is Valium and How Does It Work

Valium is a drug typically used to treat anxiety disorders but is a very commonly abused over the counter medication due to its calming effects. Valium is a highly addictive drug that requires the user to increase the dosage as the period of addiction increases in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It is best to never quit valium “cold turkey” as you will experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Valium Detox Process

Valium detox is the process of getting the drug out of the body. The goal of this is to safely remove the drug from the body while minimizing the withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from valium without medical assistance can be incredibly dangerous. Most Valium users who want to quit follow a detox program that gradually reduces their dosage. This minimizes the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and prevents dangerous complications such as seizures or tremors.

Taking the first step of medically assisted detox for Valium users is often difficult but necessary in order to reach their goal of total recovery. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear-cut answer for how long of a Valium detox is needed for an individual battling addiction. This varies from person to person depending on age, height, weight, dosage, and the detox method being used.

How it Works

Once enrolled in Valium detox, your team of medical professionals will decide what is the best way for you to safely detox. As previously stated, this depends on many varying factors. If a person suffers from a severe valium addiction, some medications may need to be used to block the side effects of withdrawal. In some cases, tapering off the Valium may need to occur. Tapering is when your medical team slowly reduces the amount of Valium being taken in, until over time, you are no longer dependent. The gradual reduction of Valium in the system allows the person affected to have a higher tolerance to withdrawal symptoms, as they will be lessened, to become more engaged in the detox process, and to hopefully have a more successful recovery, with a lesser chance of relapse.

About Us

Divinity Recovery has licensed staff and fully state of the art facilities for everything imaginable in the Valium rehabilitation space. We have decades of experience between our therapists, and on staff providers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every patient. We pride ourselves in providing caring, confidential and certified treatment for Valium addiction.

If you are struggling with a Valium addiction, please give us a call today. Your information will stay 100% confidential, your privacy is a priority. Please contact us with any questions if you, a friend, or a family member is struggling with addiction.