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Prescription Medication Detox

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Prescription Medication Detox

At Divinity Recovery, Inc., we offer prescription medication detox for those struggling with an addiction. Prescription medications, if misused or overtaken can have adverse side effects, some that can be life-threatening. If you are battling a prescription medication addiction, please call now to start the process of recovery.

Why Does Prescription Medication Detox Work?

Addiction can be difficult to break free from and often requires medical assistance. The first step in the recovery process is detox. Detox refers to the process of releasing toxins from the body, meaning the drug or drugs that were taken. Every detox process is different and depends on many varying factors, such as what drug was taken, for how long, and dosage.

The common theme in prescription medication detox is that the person’s body will be affected both physically and mentally. Withdrawal symptoms from most prescription medication are so severe, it is not only dangerous to detox without medical assistance, but it often fails. It is important to treat this detox process medically to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

How It Works

Once you have decided to enroll in prescription medication detox, an assessment or evaluation will be conducted. This is how your team of medical professionals will determine what method of detox is best for you. Your team will evaluate symptoms, severity of the addiction, and medical history.

After the initial evaluation comes the detoxification process itself. This starts the moment the person addicted stops using the drug or drugs. In some cases, additional drugs may be used to help ease the withdrawal symptoms some may experience. These symptoms may include pain, insomnia, anxiety or cravings. In some cases, a tapering off method is best. This is when the drug is slowly reduced until it is no longer in your system and you are no longer dependent. The method best used is one that works for you. It varies from case to case and will be best answered by your team of medical professionals.

About Us

Divinity Recovery has licensed staff and fully state of the art facilities for everything in the prescription medication rehabilitation space. We have decades of experience between our on-staff providers and therapists. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every patient. We pride ourselves in providing caring, confidential and certified treatment for prescription medication addiction.

If you are struggling with a prescription medication addiction, please give us a call today. Your information will stay 100% confidential. Please contact us with any questions if you or a loved one is battling an addiction.