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Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol Detox

The first step to Alcohol Detox & treatment is identifying there is a problem. Overcoming addiction can be a lifelong process that requires both personal dedication and various treatments or therapies. Many people find that a combination of treatments works best, and you can get them together through a program. Treatment for alcohol use disorder can vary, depending on the needs of the individual. Going through alcohol detox is the first, and quite possibly, the most important step in recovery. This is the first action towards beginning one’s own recovery journey.

What is Alcohol Detox?

One of the clearest signs of alcohol dependence is experiencing alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary, depending on severity and length of use. Mild symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, tremors, nausea, and sweating. In severe instances during withdrawal, you’re most at risk of losing consciousness, delirium, tremors, and having seizures.

The typical length of time in alcohol detox can last anywhere from 3-10 days. The level of withdrawal management and intensity of care needed when detoxing from alcohol varies based on the magnitude of physical dependence and other individual addiction issues. Alcohol detox can occur in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The setting you choose should depend both on your lifestyle and your health care provider’s advice.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox

: Those who require alcohol detox experience serious withdrawal symptoms and could experience medical complications. 24 hour medically supervised care in a controlled environment is recommended. Seek advice from a medical professional to determine what treatment is best for you.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox

: Outpatient alcohol detox takes place outside of a treatment center. One of the benefits of detoxing at this level of care is having the ability to live at home in a comfortable environment and still tend to life’s responsibilities. Patients may visit the outpatient clinic or be seen by a doctor several times a week to monitor vitals and medication.

Due to the nature of alcohol detox, medical providers evaluate patients to determine the best course of treatment and course of action. In both inpatient and outpatient detox settings providers may use medication to ease discomfort and prevent severe symptoms like seizures. Throughout the alcohol detox process, sedatives are typically utilized to control severe symptoms of withdrawal. Medical professionals may also administer anticonvulsants or blood pressure medications if they are needed to prevent complications and manage moderate symptoms.

Alcohol detox is the most important part of your recovery if you are an alcoholic. If you feel you have an alcohol dependency issue, please reach out. Our team of dedicated professionals will assist you in getting the best possible care you can receive.