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Couples Therapy

Divinity Recovery in Los Angeles specializes in treating couples through inpatient and outpatient Couples Rehab. Our tailored Couples Rehab program offers individual, couples, and group therapy along with individualized treatment plans for you and your loved one.

Is Couples Rehab Right for You?

Deciding to begin your recovery journey can lead to a life beyond what you thought was obtainable. When you and your partner are fighting for your life while struggling with addiction and mental health it can seem impossible to gain control. Partners often turn to one another in times of need for guidance and support, it can create a substantial amount of strain and new challenges when both parties are using.

There is hope, at Divinity Recovery we provide treatment to couples who desire to heal and break the cycle. Couples Rehab becomes a good option when both partners of the relationship commit to getting help and you find a center that suits both your needs. Entering treatment as a couple can help break the cycle of addiction and strengthen the relationship by addressing what leads each individual to use substances in the first place. Our team of dedicated professionals have a passion for helping families maintain happy and healthy dynamics.

If you and your partner are struggling with addiction and mental health as a couple, we are here to help you both on your path to healing. Call today to speak to one of our dedicated team members 866-757-0474

Attending Couples Treatment & Rehab

Each couple is different, no two approaches will look the same. Our clinical team will tailor create a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs while combining therapies that are best for you as a couple. A core therapy for couples in treatment is BCT (Behavioral Couples Therapy). It is an approach to addiction treatment that’s core belief is couples struggling with substance abuse can lower the risk of relapse by improving their communication and conflict resolution skills.

Couples Rehab can help partners look at various parts of their relationship and how it plays into their substance use. The ability to address problems in the relationship associated with substance abuse and codependency can help both partners’ overall recovery. Often facilities will utilize something called a “recovery contract” which helps promote recovery with both partners commitment not to drink or use. Together you can establish goals and set boundaries for your recovery.

Other Benefits for Couples in Rehab

Another factor why it can be beneficial to enter treatment as a couple is to create a better home life to return to. Having a safe environment for both you and your partner to go to after treatment will give you better chances at remaining sober. You can support one another and talk openly about what you’re struggling with as you are on the same journey. Having a partner who understands what you’re going through and can hold you accountable can be a vital part of avoiding relapse.

Divinity Recovery Couples Rehab Program

At Divinity Recovery we provide both inpatient and outpatient recovery to couples. Our clinical team will create an individualized treatment plan for both partners and assess what clinical approach best fits your needs as a couple. Divinity Recovery aids our clients in addressing issues that arose as a direct result of using and learning new coping skills as a couple so you can help support one another through recovery. Both partners detox separately before they begin attending group and couples rehab together. We offer a wide array of therapy approaches to address addiction and mental health.