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Substance addiction can become a nightmare when throwing one or more co-occurring disorders in the mix. In that scenario, only our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Orange County can help you turn your life around. New Start Recovery is your best destination if you need comprehensive substance abuse help and dual diagnosis services.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a mix of two or more disorders, one of which is a form of substance addiction. Some of the most widespread co-occurring disorders include codependency, PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress-related issues, emotional traumas, bipolar disorder, OCD, etc. Almost all long-term addicts struggling with an advanced substance addiction will show signs of co-occurring mental issues.

The problem with co-occurring disorders is that they are often challenging to identify and treat effectively. Our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment centers offer personalized clinical assessment and treatment for multiple co-occurring disorders that impact people’s ability to recover from addiction. If you’re dealing with substance addiction, chances are you already have at least one co-occurring condition to account for, especially if you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time.

How to treat co-occurring disorders?

To treat your co-occurring disorders effectively, we recommend seeking a reliable dual diagnosis rehab in Orange County as soon as possible. Co-occurring disorders are often difficult to diagnose because most experts confuse their symptoms with those of addiction. This confusion can cause many patients to miss life-saving treatments during the rehab and after. Long-term, untreated co-occurring disorders will cause you to relapse and resort to abusing drugs or alcohol to manage their symptoms.

Our Orange County dual diagnosis center ensures top dual diagnosis treatment via medication, therapy, and counseling. Each disorder requires specific approaches, and only our team of experts can diagnose and address your problems reliably, in a safe and comfortable recovery environment. The treatment may last for a lifetime, as it begins during the inpatient program, extends through IOP and Alumni, and continues over the years to come via our long-term management plan.

Why we have the best addiction and mental health treatment center

Our rehab facility focuses on addressing co-occurring disorders via a structured, patient-oriented approach. We promote a holistic recovery system, seeking to resolve our clients’ underlying problems that may have triggered their conditions and affect their ability to remain sober and clean. There may be numerous illnesses to fall under that category, including emotional traumas, severe depression, or other chronic disorders that have no apparent solution.

We specialize in dealing with even the most aggravated conditions via our mental health treatment in Orange County, ensuring our patients’ safe and comfortable recovery. If you’re looking for the finest dual diagnosis treatment centers in Orange County, we invite you to our high-profile facility for clinical assessment and treatment.

New Start Recovery ranks among the most sought-after dual diagnosis treatment facilities, with state-of-the-art amenities, unbeaten rehab services, and a positive and inviting vibe. Call (855) 737-7363, speak to our rehab expert, and make an appointment today!

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