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Divinity Recovery® Woodland Hills Location

Divinity Recovery provides rehab and detox services in Woodland Hills, California.

Woodland Hills offers a peaceful environment to begin your recovery journey, whether you head over the hills to the beach or spend time taking in the lush green outdoors – your stay at Divinity Recovery will be comfortable.

Why Rehab and Detox Services in Woodland Hills?

Woodland Hills, California is just north of the buzzing urban areas of Los Angeles, making it a more peaceful environment for early recovery. It’s home to one of the best outdoor malls and extensive dining options. Sitting on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills offers residents an urban suburban mix feel. Clear morning skies and picturesque sunsets over the coastal hills make evenings a perfect time for reflection and personal growth.
It should come to no surprise it is home to some of the leading experts in rehab and detox treatment. Woodland Hills is part of Los Angeles which is known for being one of the hubs of recovery. Whether you choose to utilize additional resources such as AA, Smart Recovery, or Refuge Recovery – the Los Angeles area has over 3000 meetings daily. Due to the dense

What about after treatment?

Our clients work with their individual care team to create an aftercare plan. There are vast options for sober housing post treatment once someone has successfully completed the Divinity Recovery program. Due to the dense population of Woodland Hills, California, employment options are vast. Our clients can work with their case manager and therapist to create an aftercare plan. Whether it is helping you prepare for employment or enroll in school, our team will help set you up for success.

What Divinity Recovery offers:

Our rehab and detox has a team of highly trained, licensed professionals that create individualized treatment plans tailor made to fit each client’s needs. At Divinity Recovery we provide a full continuum of care, from detox to outpatient. We provide medically supervised detoxification and management overseen by our medical director. Our facilities are comfortable, home-like environments our clients can safely detoxify and recover in.
Divinity Recovery is an all-inclusive, evidence-based treatment program with an integrated approach. We believe in treating the individual as a whole, which is why we have created a program that offers a number of different approaches to recovery our clients can utilize. We offer holistic modalities including yoga, soundbaths, meditation and mindfulness as part of our program along with evidence based therapies, such as:
Interpersonal psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
When clients enter our program they will continue the work they begin with no disruption. Each client has an individual care team composed of a case manager, primary therapist, psychiatrist and medical doctor. Our care teams work together throughout each client’s stay to ensure they’re making appropriate progress. Providing encouragement, support, and guidance, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for every client. At Divinity Recovery we are dedicated to helping and healing those struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Divinity Recovery

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