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Divinity Recovery® Los Angeles Locations

Divinity Recovery provides rehab and detox services in Los Angeles, California.

Angeles offers a tranquil environment to begin your recovery journey, whether it’s spending time at the beach or hiking in the mountains – your stay at Divinity Recovery will be comfortable.

Why Rehab and Detox Services in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, California has a population of just under 4 million people. It should come to no surprise it is home to some of the leading experts in rehab and detox treatment. While it’s mostly known for the palm tree covered beaches and ideal weather, Los Angeles is one of the hubs of recovery.
Home to some of the top quality detox and rehab resources, it also provides a number of post treatment options for continued recovery. Los Angeles, California caters to a wide variety of groups including pregnant women, the LGBTQIA+ community as well as clients with co-occurring mental disorders and addiction. Whether you choose to utilize additional resources such as AA, Smart Recovery, or Refuge Recovery – Los Angeles has over 3000 meetings daily. With an active community, social events, and many opportunities to connect with others that may have been in your shoes, you have the chance to create a recovery community with those who will support you on your path to healing.

What about after treatment?

There are vast options for sober housing post treatment once someone has successfully completed the Divinity Recovery program. The options for finding aftercare that’s the right fit for you won’t be a problem in Los Angeles, California. Due to the dense population there are endless job and career opportunities for clients post treatment as well making it an ideal place to begin your next chapter.

What Divinity Recovery offers:

Divinity Recovery is a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program with a holistic approach. At Divinity Recovery we provide a full continuum of care, from detox to outpatient. Each client has an individual care team to work with them throughout their stay. We have created a team of highly qualified, licensed clinicians and counselors to provide quality clinical services to our clients. Our clients have a
care team composed of a psychiatrist, medical doctor, primary therapist and case manager. Their care team will collaborate through their stay at Divinity Recovery to ensure each individual is making proper progress. Our clients attend both individual and group therapy.
We combine evidence based practices with a holistic approach to treat the individual as a whole. We offer a number of different modalities so clients have an opportunity to utilize what best suits their needs. Some therapy modalities we offer include:
Interpersonal psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
Our holistic modalities include yoga, sound baths, meditation and mindfulness. We understand that there is no one size fits all in terms of approaching treatment and addressing underlying issues which is why we created a program that is truly individualized. Treating each individual as a whole can lead to greater success. At Divinity Recovery we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of quality care to those who need it.

Divinity Recovery

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25420 Sheffield Lane,
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