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Feeling tired, lethargic, or just not yourself? Has life got you down? Are you currently or constantly wondering when it will just end? Well if the answer is yes to any of these downtrodden questions, then you may be experiencing a few signs of depression. Life is such a mystery that none of us ever really know what to expect. Sometimes we undergo different experiences- sometimes similar, but we maintain mostly alike agendas smothered in unpredictability more often than not.

That being said, every being has a journey they’re taken thru as they discover the uncertainty preordained in this lifetime. Fate is quite a mysterious creature. Yet even with all the differences and similarities at hand, nothing prepares us for the unknown. Nobody knows exactly what to do right off the bat when the signs of depression start to arrive.

Sad is a mere description of depression that doesn’t even make a piece of the cake. It is an overwhelming force of negativity that can take over you. Some turn to medication, others to therapy, and then there is a plethora of us that turn to illicit substances. You see addiction and depression go together like peas and carrots. It doesn’t matter if its problems at home, relationships at work, or even monetary issues occurring that are causing this duo funk- depression nor alcoholism will know no bounds. Imprisonment within your own body is a terrible way to live.

Depressive Debilitation
Clinical depression, or Major Depressive Disorder as some like to call it, really is a mental disability with extreme discomfort for the individual or any loved ones within that circle. Signs of depression are extremely common among people who have addictive personalities. Alcohol itself is a depressant and will often times intensify the daunting thoughts calling the shots. So then the alcoholic drinks more to alleviate the disheartening thoughts and thus finds themself in a dependent loophole. We feel more by trying to feel less.

Depression coupled with any form of abuse will cripple a person to a point where they no longer have confidence in themselves. As addicts and alcoholics, we look to the substance to fill this hole inside because something is missing, but it only spreads that hole even wider. The usage adds difficulty while subtracting things like our self-esteem, ambition, and positivity. We cause pain by drinking to alleviate pain. Might as well be drinking a tall glass of irony.

Part of both diseases is that they want us to remember all the wonderful highs or happy times. The sick part is that they both want us to do that while we completely forget about all the bad trips and horrible nights we cried ourselves to sleep. The signs of depression that show up will literally squeeze the life out of you like a boa constrictor. Addiction will help you to forget all the days that an empty bottle or a rusty dull syringe were your only company, while depression reminds you that it’s what you deserve. Nasty. Signs of depression coupled along with alcoholic thinking will show us a path where death is the end product to ending this “uncomfortable madness”. We have to clip this wick to prevent the candle from burning out too early.

Deep in a Slump
Chemical dependent or not, depression affects everybody differently. It’s estimated that roughly 50% of those with the disease of alcoholism also deal with depression, anxiety, or some other mental disorder coupled with it. About 10% of that figure can be accounted for our Eeyore disorder. Even though 10% seems like a small percentage, it’s still large enough to make a difference. Small isn’t small enough. When this sort of unhappiness takes a hold of somebody- it changes them. They begin to act in ways that emulate:

Extreme Irritability
Anger Management Issues
Loss of Interest
Fixation on Past or Future
Thoughts of Self Harm/Suicide

Recognizing alcoholic thinking is much harder than accepting depression. One is blatantly in your face while the other is blatantly in your face but convincing you all the while it doesn’t exist. The two together will powerhouse you- but it’s about perseverance and seeing the greater good thru the fog. To admit one is an addict or alcoholic is the easy part. To accept it there is no other direction this thing can take you is truly where any sort of change begins.

Conquering Self-Doubt
It’s sad how either one of these diseases can take control of somebody’s thinking so simply, but alas, that’s what disease does. The sad truth is that the truth is often sad. There’s never really a choice in the matter when it comes to sickness- and sickness is how these should always be viewed. However, there is a difference between fighting it and rolling over into darkness.

Some alcoholic thinkers never find a solution to their problem. These misguided souls end up enduring the torment that the signs of depression and substance abuse make a reality until they draw their last breaths. To admit out loud that you have run all other options into the ground and have accepted your desperation may be what it takes to make some final changes- yet easier said than done. Nobody is doomed if they decide they don’t want to be.

Regular psychiatric assessments can be a godsend for those who truly want to keep moving forward in alleviating their signs of depression. A life of melancholia does not have to be the life lead. When desolation sits in, we just have to remember nothing is permanent in life except for death. Emotion is always temporary. There is a solution for every problem out there and they all start from within.