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Crack and Cocaine Addiction
crack and cocaine addiction cocaine is a drug that is derived from the coca plant. It’s a powerful stimulant that is also very addictive. The freebase form of this drug that can be smoked is often referred to as crack. This drug first hit the streets during the 1980s and has been a scourge to society ever since.

Crack cocaine is one of the most widely-used drugs today. According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, five million people over the age of 12 have used this substance within the past year.

The effects of crack cocaine are felt shortly after a person uses it. There are both physical and psychological effects that users may experience. Some of the physical and psychological effects include:

Dilated pupils
Elevated blood pressure
Higher temperature
Increased heart rate
Constricted blood vessels
Keep in mind that crack cocaine has been shown to cause sudden cardiac arrest. This drug causes a rapid heartbeat. The heart may beat so fast that it actually stops.

Regardless of whether people are using this drug for the first time or the 100th time, they are still at an increased risk of going into cardiac arrest. In fact, many users have gone into cardiac arrest and died after their first time using crack cocaine. Others have suffered cardiac arrest after using it for many years.

Withdrawing from crack cocaine doesn’t cause any particular physical symptoms. That is why many users believe that it’s not possible to develop an addiction to it. However, this drug can cause psychological symptoms, including:

Sleep disturbances are also common among people who are withdrawing from this drug. Other symptoms include poor concentration and low enthusiasm.

The person using crack cocaine is not the only one affected by it. Many families have been ruined as a result of crack use. Additionally, people have lost their jobs due to their addiction.

What Is The Best Way To Handle A Crack and Cocaine Addiction?
Many people know someone who has ruined his or her life because of a crack or cocaine addiction. Fortunately, drug addiction doesn’t have to destroy a person’s life. Professional drug rehab is the answer to overcoming any type of addiction and getting your life back on track.