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Many addiction treatment center centers that have detox included are opening across the country in light of increased awareness of addiction. Great variety exists when it comes to rehab/detox centers. You must choose between private or state-funded, America Model or more traditional, holistic or no-frills, and several other factors. The variety and number of factors you must consider can make finding the best rehab center perplexing. A rehab/detox center is a major financial and emotional investment; therefore, you should not be forced to simply go online and take a stab at the first ones that pop up on your computer screen.

How to Find the Best Rehab Center that Has an On-Site Detox
Features of superior rehab/detox centers are:

Cutting-Edge Treatment

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, bio sound therapy and many more cutting-edge treatment centers are being integrated with the medical care of detox. While medication and monitoring from medical staff is the most important part of detox, other treatment centers are helpful in making the process quicker and less painful.

Accreditation from a Reputable Accrediting Body

Many facilities are being opened for fraudulent purposes or the sole purpose of making a profit without caring about the welfare of the clients. Rehabs that are accredited from a reputable accrediting body are verified to be experienced, ethical, and high-quality. The best accreditation a rehab can have is from the Joint Commission.

24/7 Medical Staff

Withdrawal can be fatal, and changes in condition can happen at any time. A detox must have a 24/7 medical staff to monitor changes around-the-clock and respond to emergencies. The medical staff should include experienced, well-educated doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses.

Holistic Psychological Treatment

The majority of addictions are caused by a root psychological cause and/or co-occurring disorder. While talk therapy is the most direct way to reveal thoughts and feelings, it does not always tell the entire story and does not address certain aspects of addiction. A superior rehab center will use other therapies to help you reveal subconscious thoughts and emotions and cater to your social and physical health along with your psychological health. Treatment is not boring. As a matter of fact, many people who go to quality facilities do not want to leave.

Family Support

A rehab that addresses all parts of addiction will understand the importance of the families’ role. A good treatment center will offer a variety of program options for the clients and a program for the family to help them understand addiction and heal their wounds. Having a supportive family system to go home to will significantly increase your chances of achieving lifelong recovery. There are many myths and misconceptions circulating about addiction; therefore, those closest to you need to understand the scientific truth in order to understand what they are dealing with.

Why a Rehab with an On-site Detox is the Way to Go
Choosing a rehab with an on-site detox is better than going to separate detox and rehab centers. The cost of the total treatment center will be less because detox will be included in the rehab price. Having to pay separate facilities may rack up the cost. If you are going to rehab far from home, you are better off going to one with detox so you will not have to arrange transportation from one to the other.

While you do not do much psychological counseling during the detox period, you will be providing your psychosocial history. If you are going through detox at the same facility, you won’t have to answer the same questions, and the staff can communicate easier. Easier communication between staff can prevent misunderstandings and having to repeat speaking about painful subjects.

Why Detox is Necessary
Detox is the most important aspect of addiction treatment centers. After prolonged substance use, changes occur in the body. As you may already know, when you quit using cold turkey, your body goes into a shock-like state; therefore, you feel ill. While withdrawal from other drugs can be deadly as well, withdrawal from alcohol is the most notorious for being deadly.

In order to safely quit your addictive substance, you must slowly come off of it with medical help. Medical staff will give you drugs to manage the symptoms and behave similarly to your addictive substance to help you slowly come off of the addictive substances. You should never go through withdrawal on your own; medical supervision is always necessary.

The Length of Your Detox and What to Expect
The length of detox is different for every individual. Some people who do not have as severe of a substance use disorder only need detox for a couple of days. People who have a severe progressed substance use disorder may need up to two weeks of detox. Other factors that will determine your length of detox are gender, size, age, and length of addiction.

When you arrive at detox, you may feel nervous. Rest assured there is nothing to be nervous about. The individuals you meet will be non-judgmental and are only intending on helping you. The admissions staff and medical staff will ask you questions about your psychosocial history. You’re honestly in imperative. After you go through a series of tests, you will proceed to your detox. You will be woken up throughout the night to have your vitals checked. You will be given medications orally and intravenously. You may also receive other chiropractic care and other therapies. After you have completed detox, you will proceed to a treatment center.