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Anti-Craving Medication

It is important to remember that no two people are the same. So when it comes to recovery, the process should be handled on a person by person basis. Everyone’s needs are different. What recovery process has worked for one person, may not work for you at all. It is good to know all of your options and choose what is going to help you the most. There are several different options to help with your recovery process. Detox, rehabilitation, sober living homes and even medications to help with substance cravings. Along with Psychosocial Therapy, Medication Addiction Treatment is the most effective intervention to treat opioid use and is even more effective than behavioral interventions or Medication alone.

Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT)

Medications prevent overdoses and support long-term recovery. There are three drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of substance addiction: Buprenorphine , Methadone and Naltrexone.
Buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone): Sometimes referred to as a narcotic, it is also used to treat narcotic dependency. It is an oral tablet or film that is used daily to help with cravings
Methadone: This treats moderate to severe pain and can also treat narcotic drug addiction. Its primary use is in detox and maintenance of people who are dependent on drugs. This comes in the form of a liquid that is taken orally
Naltrexone: This is used to help prevent a relapse back into alcohol and/or drug abuse. This comes in the form of a once monthly injection

Using medication as a form of addiction treatment is misunderstood a lot of times. One may think that all you are doing is substituting one drug for another. In reality, these types of medications are no different than a person who takes medicine for diabetes or depression. When properly used, it will not create a new addiction but can actually help with an existing one.
Medications prevent overdoses and support long-term recovery. The use of medications reduces the death rate among addicted persons by at least 50%. Addiction changes the brain and these medications can help.
Even as drug or alcohol addiction threatens to rewrite a person’s life, anti-craving medications are one treatment option that can begin to help the person achieve health, balance and happiness.