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The quiz below contains a few questions that can be used to determine whether or not your alcohol consumption could be considered harmful drinking. It’s important to know where you’re at with your drinking to understand the urgency for treatment. When the quiz is complete, please reach out to our admissions team for support finding the right level of care. Questions 1-3 of this quiz reference the AUDIT test (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) provided by the WHO (World Health Organization).

One can of beer (12oz approx 5% alcohol) = 1 drink
One glass of wine (5oz approx 12% alcohol) = 1 drink
One shot of liquor (1.5oz approx 40% alcohol) = 1 drink


How often do you drink alcohol?
When you drink, how much do you drink in one sitting?
How often, in recent months, have you drank more than you intended to drink?
Do you experience blackouts when you drink?
This past year, how has your drinking affected your work?
Have you ever tried to stop drinking but were unsuccessful?
How often does your drinking interfere with personal relationships?
How often do you feel cravings to drink?
How often does drinking or being hungover keep you from your responsibilities?
Rate your comfort level in social events where alcohol is not present.