Studio City Rehab, CA

At Divinity Recovery for Addiction, our Studio City, outpatient rehab facilities are a major part of a complete continuum of care for the treatment of alcohol and/or drug addiction. outpatient Studio City, CA treatment can be a starting place for some clients or the next level of care for individuals leaving inpatient and residential rehabilitation centers program.

Rehabilitation centers in Studio City CA often provide a minimal amount of treatment services while MIA’s rehabilitation centers create a comprehensive and quality dense program. There are no limitations to the amount of treatment one receives and the majority of services are in-network with the majority of healthcare plans.

Our outpatient Studio City, CA program offers alcohol and drug detox in conjunction with continuing medical care, mental health, behavioral health, assessments, and ancillary services. These services are unlimited to the individual attending treatment and include doctors’ visits, individual therapy, family and couples therapy, client group therapy, family group therapy, psychological and mental health visits, meditation sessions, and health and wellness sessions and activities. There are also specialized programs for specific populations that include telemedicine, pregnancy, pain management, and process addictions such as video games and technology.

Having the ability to continue with work and/or school. In contrast to a residential treatment program that requires recovering addicts to put their lives on hold while they pursue their recovery, an outpatient Studio City, CA addiction program allows participants to maintain a presence at work and/or school.

Access to support systems. People in recovery need a lot of support. With outpatient Studio City, CA rehab, patients can stay in close proximity to their loved ones and their support network.

Lower costs. Inpatient programs can be expensive and generally require a significant out-of-pocket expense. Outpatient Studio City, CA rehab is less expensive across the board, while still providing high-quality treatment.

A solid outpatient Studio City, CA drug rehab center understands that achieving lasting sobriety involves more than just treating the physical aspects of addiction. In fact, many programs treat the clients’ medical needs as well as their psychological, spiritual, emotional and physiological needs.

Outpatient Studio City, CA rehab is an affordable and effective form of drug treatment, but it isn’t necessarily right for everyone. The following individuals generally do not fare best in outpatient Studio City, CA addiction treatment:

  • Those who have developed a severe addiction and need the 24-hour support of an inpatient rehab facility.
  • Those who are a danger to themselves or others.
  • Those who face temptation in their day-to-day life (for example, if their family members or roommates use drugs or alcohol).
  • Those who have a history of chronic relapse. They tend to need more support than an outpatient Studio City, CA rehab program can offer.

In the Intensive Outpatient Program, you receive services primarily through group therapy but are also assigned an individual therapist you will meet with on a weekly basis while in treatment. Groups are small and generally do not exceed 10 people, allowing for a safe environment.

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