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Alcohol Detox Woodland Hills

Alcohol Detox Woodland Hills

Divinity Recovery is a pioneer rehab for alcohol detox in Woodland Hills with world-class amenities, comfortable accommodations, and the best medical staff. We offer customized medical detox treatment in a fully-equipped and modern treatment center with 24/7 clinical supervision and personalized care.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating the waste products and toxins from within caused by excessive and long-term alcohol consumption. We follow up our residential drug and alcohol detox treatment with medication management, medical observation, and counseling.

Medical detox is the foundation of any long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment process that aims to reduce the intensity of the withdrawal, physical dependence, and psychological cravings for alcohol. Individuals suffering from a severe drinking problem or long-time alcohol abuse condition may experience more negative side effects during detox. Medical detox followed by other addiction recovery programs can correct the biological changes caused by long-term alcohol consumption, and help you lead a sober life.

How Long Does Medical Detox Take?

The length of detox can vary depending upon the severity of your addiction, the presence of a co-occurring mental disorder, and several other factors. While the alcohol withdrawal symptoms may level off within a week, the post-acute withdrawal symptoms can last for several months.

Our goal with detox treatment is to ensure that the user doesn’t relapse and that they learn and adapt the necessary skills to manage triggers effectively. Do not worry about the time necessary to eliminate the harmful substances from your body. Sign up for residential drug and alcohol detox treatment at the earliest to prevent your addiction situation from worsening.

Why Can’t I Detox At Home?

The purpose of the detox procedure is to help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms in a safe, calm, and pain-free manner. However, detoxing at home can yield quite the opposite results. You may be in grave danger by detoxing without medical supervision.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience when you quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey include depression, cravings, dehydration, high blood pressure, hallucinations, etc. In worse cases, you may experience suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Detoxing at home may have lethal consequences, and it is pivotal that you join an inpatient drug rehab center for the procedure.

Importance Of Medical Detox For Alcohol Withdrawal 

Medical detox relies on medications to flush out the toxins from your body caused by long-term substance or alcohol abuse. The procedure is critical for those suffering from a moderate to severe addiction disorder and can optimize your chances for a safe and speedy recovery. It diminishes cravings, stabilizes your mind and body, prepares you for lasting sobriety, and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. It can also make your recovery journey a lot less intimidating and more pleasant.

Your ongoing search for the best drug rehab centers near you ends here. Call us at 866-757-0474 to verify your insurance with the best rehab for alcohol detox in Woodland Hills. Divinity Recovery can help you recover from alcohol addiction safely, speedily, and sustainably. We are a leading addiction treatment facility with several positive reviews and a high success rate. Get in touch with us today.

Alcohol Detox Woodland Hills