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The Definition of “Divinity”
A Divine force, the power of spirit. In sacred connection with Divine source energy

Divinity means unfolding and expressing life in new ways. Divinity means radiating peace, bliss and beauty in the world. Divinity means overcoming the limitations of nature in new ways.

Los Angeles Outpatient Treatment

Combines Freedom with Self-Determination

Divinity Recovery outpatient treatment in Los Angeles, is a good fit for those just like you, who are dealing with moderate substance use problems. This may or may not be derived from or coupled with, undesirable mental health conditions. Although they may live in safe environments, are able to function in day to day life, have education or career goals and have access to a support network, they lack the structure, accountability, clinical support and community to see them through their recovery process successfully. Oftentimes they also have a drug or alcohol addiction. No matter how moderate or severe the problem, the disease model of addiction still applies. It teaches that substance abuse is a chronic illness of the brain with physiological and psychological manifestations. It may feel like a slight imbalance or in some cases when symptoms are more severe, the feelings of dysregulation, fear, anxiety, depression and disorder can become unbearable, severely inhibiting one’s quality of life.

You wouldn’t dream of handling other chronic diseases by yourself. Therefore, you recognize the importance of getting help with mental health and addiction treatment professionals to uncover the cause of any of these common mental health challenges. With the understanding that you can’t do it alone, you have taken the first step in seeking help and beginning your recovery journey to happiness, wholeness and wellness. This however, is where many are unsure about how to proceed.

At Divinity Recovery outpatient treatment center, Los Angeles you have options. We believe that the journey to recovery does not look the same for everyone. From beginning to end, you are supported by a team who co-creates a multidisciplinary and individualized treatment plan with you. We strive to make sure all of your needs are being met holistically to ensure greater success in your long term recovery. Here’s a typical path to recovery.